• Wall jumping is not allowed.
    • Recruiting, advertising, and spam is not allowed.
    • Impersonating a member is not allowed.
    • Spawnkilling and teamkilling is not allowed.
    • Pushing excessively is not allowed.
    • Planting dynamite then driving the tank/truck over the dynamite making defuse impossible is NOT allowed.
    • Trick-planting is only allowed if a single player can diffuse the dynamite.
    • No Ghosting. (Spectating and telling players where other players are.)
    • Cheating is not allowed. You will be permanently banned!
    • Obey clan members. Report abuse on forums (Provide screenshots).
    • Try not to use foul language in public chat.
    • No racism.
    • Respect everyone
    • English only in main chat.


    • Spawnkilling is never allowed, not even during warm up.
    • If you have an objective, you can SK if you have to, just to get to the place you have to take it.
    • If the spawn can be destroyed with satchel or dynamite, it is not SK.
    • If the spawn point is a flag, it is not SK.
    • No shooting from spawn, unless you first spawn and catch an enemy attempting to pass through.
    • It is allowed to pass through an enemy spawn ONLY if you do not shoot at anyone, so do so at your own risk, if caught you will get shot at and you cannot return fire.
    • If you are on the same team as a player who is shooting from the spawn you must warn them to leave their spawn before shooting.
    • If a player is shooting you from their spawn you and you are nowhere near their spawn, you are ALLOWED to kill that player and ONLY that player to find out who they are in order to warn them to leave their spawn before shooting. (Use light weapon not a nade/panzer.)
    • When an enemy is holding objective and hiding in their own spawn, you are allowed to go in there and retrieve the objective, but afterwards, get out!
    • Purposely standing around the enemy's spawn borders, waiting to get shot at first just so they can return fire, is not allowed.
    • Do not sit in spawn and wait for players to shoot you, when you spawn leave as soon as possible.
    • Players can sit in flag spawn area and just kill without capturing the flag.
    • We frown upon players who like to test our spawnkill limits, we have low tolerance for players who like to exploit the gray areas of our spawnkill rules.
    • If you do not understand the exact rules and just want to stay safe, do not ever go anywhere near the enemy's spawn.



    • Follow rules like everyone else.
    • You can not be in other ET clans if you are in RC.
    • Complete training courses and tests.
    • Only use !shuffle during warm up.
    • Register and remain active on forum.
    • Remain active in server.
    • If you plan on being away, you need to post so we know, otherwise you could be demoted or removed from the clan (If removed reapply when you return).
    • Symbols are not allowed in member names.
    • Members must wear the >RC| tag at all times, in all ET servers you visit.
    • Name changes are not permitted unless authorized by a level 10.
    • Level 4 free members must remain very active.
    • Always check forums for new recruits and vote on them after they apply to RC.
    • If you mute someone for more than 12 hours its your responsibility and duty to post on the forum who you muted and the reason and the duration of the mute.
    • We are not trying to load up the ban list; try to resolve problems calmly without resorting to ban.
    • Never push the limits of our rules or exploit gray areas, members are the ones who need to set a good example for the rest of the players.


    • Respect Everyone
    • All Clan Members get "Clan Member" status.
    • All Admins get "Admin" status.
    • Swearing is allowed, however it must be a joking type of attitude behind it. If warned to watch your mouth, be wise and listen to the warning.
    • No inappropriate noises, keep your burps and whatnot to yourself.
    • No nudity in avatars.


    • Members are required to learn these good behaviors.
    • Play on the server even if it is empty. That is how we build the population on the server.
    • Keep the teams even at all times. If bots are enabled, keep an even amount of bots on each team, while still keeping the teams even.
    • Press TAB every time you die, to check the teams making sure they are fair.
    • If you are on the team with the most players, switch teams to help even things out.
    • If you are a member its your job to switch teams to even them. (Lowest level switches first.)
    • Level 6+ can !putteam other players, but first ask players nicely to even teams.
    • Use teamwork—medics escort the engineers. Try all classes, do not just rambo.
    • If a guest ask you to do something for them or help them with something, you devote yourself to that guest, but if it takes to much time ask them nicely to post on forums.
    • Always respond to someone if they are talking to you.
    • Do not use arty/airstrikes or panzer/bazooka if 3v3 or less.
    • Always say "Hello" and "Goodbye"
    • Say "Welcome to our server!" to new guest.
    • Say "Welcome back!" to regulars returning to our server.
    • Say "Congrats!" when a player reaches a level from earning XP.
    • Encourage players to visit website and register on forum.
    • Encourage level 3 to apply to RC.
    • Encourage player to try out Teamspeak.
    • If you are in-game and about to disconnect but teams need shuffled, go spec first then shuffle during warmup.
    • Accept invites to join fireteams if asked, if the fireteam is too big and it takes up your screen you can close it.
    • Never bring personal problems or emotions into the game. Talking about problems is ok, but never take your frustration out on innocent guests.
    • Always use good manners.


    • In all scenarios, legitimate reasons must be attached to each command.
    • When using a command, try to reference a player using their slot number – not their name.
    • We understand that, due to the variance in admin level, everyone will not be able to follow this perfectly in all circumstances. You may use your discretion to control the misbehavior, but please follow our protocol as closely as possible.

    CHEATS/HACKS (It is very unlikely you will need to deal with cheaters with our anti-cheat system, but if one slips through, here is what to do)

    • !list/!finger (record SGUID and IP address)
    • Collect evidence
    • !ban (if there are no high admins available, use !kick)
    • Post evidence on forum (lvl 10 do not need to post evidence)


    • !warn
    • !kick
    • !ban (1 week)
    • !ban (1 month)
    • !ban (6 months)

    TRICK PLANTING (This is only illegal if it takes more than 1 player to defuse)

    • !warn
    • !kick
    • !ban (1 week)
    • !ban (1 month)
    • !ban (6 months)


    • !warn
    • !kick
    • !ban (1 week)
    • !ban (1 month)
    • !ban (6 months)


    • !warn
    • !mute (1 hour)
    • !kick
    • !ban (1 week)
    • !ban (1 month)
    • !ban (6 months)


    • !warn
    • !rename (Use slot number!)
    • !kick (Only if they change their name back)
    • !ban (1 week)
    • !ban (1 month)
    • !ban (6 months)


    • !gib + !warn
    • !kick
    • !ban (1 week)
    • !ban (1 month)
    • !ban (6 months)


    • Collect evidence (Screenshots)
    • Report to a level 10 immediately.
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