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Recruitment Requirements

Recruitment Requirements: (make the links open another window, not change the current page)

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Being recruited is possible, but not easy.
Even if you complete all of the requirements, it's still no guarantee that you will be accepted as one of the family, but we can promise that you will have a good chance.
Keep in mind we don't look for quantity, we look for quality!
First of all, you must be friendly and prove to us that you actually care about what's best for the clan.
You must be mature and handle all situations with reasonable actions.
You must also be interested in playing at a top level.

However, we do not recruit people into this clan just becuase he/she is a really good player.
To us, it's about having fun, not a competition.
However, we don't like players who screw off all the time during the match.
We strongly prefer objective-based players over frag-hungry rambo medics, but it’s not a rule.

Also you must be willing to be loyal and faithful to the clan.
Experience in game play is preferred, but not mandatory only because we don't want a member who can't handle his/her own problems, let alone solve problems of others.

Lastly, you must be 100% dedicated to our guests.
Once you are a member, you must realize that it becomes YOUR job to make the gaming experience the best it can be for ALL of our guests!
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