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About Us

The Renegade Clan was founded on July 28, 2008 by SilverWolf, Chuckles, Duty Calls, and Total.

Where a clan becomes a family…

We started this clan with the idea that all the Higher Admins would have basically the same rights. We didn't want the clan owner to have all the power, so we created a system to disperse the power between many people. Doing this was going to eliminate any chance of becoming a clan run by one person (Dictator).

In the beginning…

When we started out we tried our best to build a server that kept the largest amount of people satisfied and having fun. But, there are always going to be people who don't like some setting or a certain map. That’s why we built our second server in July of 2009, which is now known as >RC|SexyRapidFire. This server was setup to be a server that players could visit if they ever wanted something a little different than our first server. The sexy server has some different maps, different settings, and lots of other extras and details including sexy load screens and sexy posters, in addition to a sexy soundpack. So go ahead and check it out.

How we grew…

Many of the members are from older clans such as PDP, PG, and JAR. The clan owner, SilverWolf, is a former member of all of them.

Even though this is a young clan, we have many members from all over the world. Along the way we have grown a couple enemies, but mostly we have made only friends.

We have clan meetings every month using Teamspeak, and we like to give every member a say in how the clan turns out. We think that's one thing that separates us from most of the other clans. Even though we are Renegades, that doesn't mean that we are rude or misbehaved. We are actually quite different than that. We have grown into a group of people who give tons of respect to those who have given it to us. Of course we have had our bad days, for example when a new member, who thinks that they are invincible, treats a guest like crap. We even created a punishing level for that, and if they screw up again, they are gone.

Lastly, we want all of our guests to feel they are not being treated differently just because they don’t have a higher level, like the members. We try to teach all of our new members to treat everyone the same, as if they didn’t even have a higher level.
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